Zend Studio Upgrade – Where oh where is my PHP content assist?!

Upgrading Zend Studio seems to break the Content Assist feature for PHP.

To get it working again delete the following file:


That will force Zend Studio (Eclipse) to create a new DLTK preferences file!

Now if I can only get rid of the java.lang.NullPointerException errors…

Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder ‘JavaScript Validator’ on project ‘PROJECT NAME’.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010 PHP 1 Comment

RegEx / Regular Expression for filename and file extension

This is a helpful snippet that I have found myself searching for in the google machine. Hopefully this helps you out!

$filename = "thisismyfilename.ext";

preg_match("/(.*)\.([^\.]+)$/", $filename,  $matches);



Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 PHP No Comments
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