Subversion – Reverting back to a previous Revision

We somehow deleted many files from one of our internal applications today, as far as who did it, we aren’t sure. But we are grateful to have had it all backed up on subversion!

Not sure what revision you are at?

  • Simply go to the directory you are wanting to make the changes to and type:
  • svn info

The command to revert back to a previous revision is:

svn merge -r:15:13

  • 15 Being the current revision
  • 13 Being the revision we want to go back to
  • And the final is the path to your repository
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Subversion on Media Temple (Subclipse, Auto-Deploy Method via SVN Update)

  • How would you like to have all of your code backed up?
  • How would you like it if you didn’t have to even FTP your files to your webhost?
  • How about being able to roll-back your production data to a previous revision with one line of code?

I had been wanting to do just that the past couple of weeks, and finally stumbled upon several different resources that helped me to do just that!
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